How To Create, Edit and Upload Your Videos

This section allows you to see video tutorials on everything you need for the Video Marketing process. This will cut your learning time down A LOT, only the sections you need to know about are covered...

How To Record Your Video

Recording with Camtasia Studio:

Camtasia has a 30 day free trial and works on both PC and Mac. For the most flexibility, Camtasia Studio is recommended.

Recording with CamStudio:

Recording with Screenr:

Screenr is a tool that allows you to create up to 5 minute videos easily - you don't even need to install anything.

Editing Your Video

Editing with Camtasia Studio:

Editing with Windows Movie Maker (you will need to export your recorded video first):

Uploading Your Video

Refer back to the Video Marketing Training Manual to see how to upload to YouTube.

Uploaing with TubeMogul: