Today will consist of a bit of article marketing and forum marketing.

This will continue to build a solid foundation to help drive consistent traffic to your site.

Please make sure you have completed yesterdays task before beginning today's.

By now you have probably noticed you're getting faster at writing articles.

The more you practice the faster you will get (especially if you're using your count down timer).

By writing regular content you'll get better results. Over time your efforts will compound to bring in a steady stream of traffic.

Article marketing is a strategy that has fundamentally worked for years and will continue to work for years in the future.

The more articles you have, the more sources of traffic you will have.

It's similar for forum marketing, the more quality posts you have, the more avenues there are for people to visit your website.

So many people do forum marketing wrong. It's so important to add value - do not spam and blatantly promote in every post - this ruins your credibility and respect.

By adding value you are establishing yourself as an authority.

When you position yourself this way, many people are curious to learn more about you. They do this by clicking on the link in your signature.

TIP: It's better to focus on the largest forums in your niche because there are more viewers to see your valuable posts.

Also, the more activity on a forum, the easier it will be to find ways to add value.

With that said, let's get started:

Article Marketing

1. Write an article that follows the criteria set out in your Article Marketing Training Manual.

You may choose to either write an article based on the last video that you created


You can write a brand new article.

2. Submit your article to the article directories that you signed up to.


Forum Marketing

1. Write and submit two forum posts for each of the forums that you have joined.

Make sure you add value to help add credibility to you and your website. The Forum Marketing Training Manual can be found here.